Survey of Women’s health.

This is the survey for women’s health.
Please read the symptoms below and check the box you think are relevant with you.

  • Not interested or less interested in physical relationship.
  • Feel burden/annoyed for physical relationship.
  • It is decadent and pornographic to talk and think about sex life.
  • By looking at erotic scenes in the movies or novels make me feel sexual desire.
  • I think it is more convenient to live without sex.
  • There is no vaginal discharge in sexual stimulation.
  • There is less lovejuice during sex.
  • Sex doesn’t feel the same as before.
  • I don’t feel anything/good during sex.
  • I can’t feel orgasm.
  • It is difficult to feel the orgasm that I felt before.
  • I feel sagged vagina during sex.
  • I feel orgasm during masturbation rather than when I have sex with my partner.
  • I feel a clitoris orgasm.
  • I feel a vaginal orgasm.
  • It is painful during sex because less vaginal discharge.
  • It is still painful during sex even enough of vaginal discharge.
  • 1-5) Sexual abuse disorder
  • 6-9) Sexual arousal disorder
  • 10-15) Orgasm disorder
  • 16-17) Pain disorder
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